Cash For Heirs

Are You an Heir to an Unclaimed Inheritance?



  • You are and don’t know it, or
  • Somebody you know is.

We Pay Cash

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  • To heirs, and
  • To people who help us find heirs we can help.

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Maybe you or somebody you know is a survivor of a listed deceased. You can:

  • Browse the names listed in the categories listed below,
  • Search from the search page, or
  • Click the search button at the top right of any page.


Unlike many heir searchers, we publish the names of the deceased on the cases we are working on. This makes it easier for us to find their survivors and heirs, because, often, there are more survivors than we know about.

With some deceased, we don’t know who any of the survivors are. But, you might know some of them. You might even be one.

Take a look and claim your lost inheritance or get a finder’s fee.


There are two types of survivors: heirs, and associates. Associates include family members who aren’t heirs, inlaws, friends, acquaintances, etc.

Sometimes, people we think are surviving heirs are also deceased. In those cases, there are often different heirs. You may be one of those, or you might know one of them.

Take a look.

We Pay Finder’s Fees

We need to find heirs! You may be an heir or a friend or family member who knows how to reach one. Either way, there may be some cash for you, either as an heir or as a finder’s fee for helping us find one or more heirs we can help.

Take a look.


We list heirs we think qualify to inherit. However, we won’t know this for sure until we interview the survivors, and we need help to find them.

  • Sometimes people we believe to be heirs turn out not to be.
  • Sometimes, it’s just the opposite — somebody we didn’t think was an heir turns out to be one.

You might be one, or know somebody who is. Take a look.

Deceased Heirs

Sometimes, an heir is also deceased. In that case, other heirs inherit the deceased heir’s inheritance. For example, if an heir’s grandparent died and the parents were already deceased, the grandchildren would usually inherit the parent’s inheritance from the grandparent.


Priority cases are those we believe may have larger inheritances, either because of a larger estate or fewer heirs. These cases also pay larger finder’s fees.

Take a look.


At some point, unclaimed inheritances are turned over to the state as unclaimed property. Cases listed as urgent are getting close to that point.

Check these out now, before they’re gone.

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Browse all the names listed in all categories. Maybe you’ll see somebody you know and get a finder’s fee. You might even be an heir.

Take a look.

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