Cash for Heirs is a service to find heirs to unclaimed inheritances using the Internet. Before we launched this service, most heir hunting was done privately, often without even disclosing the names of the deceased.

Because we are doing this over the Internet, we can work with much smaller estates than traditional heir hunters would even touch. We can also give heirs cash in a week or so, without waiting months or years to get cash from their inheritances.

To start, we are focusing on the deceased from Florida. However, because people retire to Florida from all over, their heirs can be anywhere, and they are all over the globe.

Even though Cash for Heirs is a fairly new service, it is fully functional. Cash is available, right now, to heirs and to people who help us find the heirs we can help.

Caution: Much of the info on this site, especially about heirs and survivors, is from word of mouth and best guesses. Think of this info as a collection of clues.