We list heirs we think qualify to inherit. However, we won’t know this for sure until we interview the survivors, and we need help to find them.

  • Sometimes people we believe to be heirs turn out not to be.
  • Sometimes, it’s just the opposite — somebody we didn’t think was an heir turns out to be one.

You might be one, or know somebody who is. Take a look.

We have a lot more deceased listed than we do heirs. Maybe you know one or more of those and may know their heirs or survivors. Browse that list.




  • Hampton, Diane L - Survivor of and Heir to: Nikkari, Ronald E Approximate Age: 39 Last Known Location: New Port Richey FL…


  • Komada, Charles J - Survivor of and Heir to: Komada, Irene M Approximate Age: 69 Formerly of: St Petersburg FL Previous Locations:…


  • Lanham, Roger W - Survivor of and Heir to: Lanham, William E Approximate age: 63 Last Known Address: Dallas TX Previous Locations:…



  • Watkins, Alehondrea L - Survivor to and Heir of: Watkins, Samira L Approximate Age: 27 Last Known Location: Pensacola FL Deceased Also…